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2020 ARiMas Conference

Rwanda, Kigali
14 - 17 October 2020

Leading Organisations for Lasting Success in a Changing and Challenging World.

The Certified African Risk Leader course (CARL) is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skillset required to become risk leaders in their organisations. The course is will immerse you in dynamic case studies, tail-risk stress tests, scenario planning, and wargaming exercises, as you explore how to make informed risk management decisions.


The Certified AFRICAN Risk Manager (CARM) is designed for the development and recognition of the risk profession in Africa. It represents the professional knowledge and competencies required by African risk managers in todays dynamic and complex world but particularly regarding the risks that characterise Africa.


The African Journal of Risk Management (AJRM) publishes quarterly Africa-focused risk management articles from submissions of original and review papers, studies, technical reports, book reviews, news and notes commentaries on business, organisational, social, political, and economic risk management issues and developments.